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California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) brings together agencies and departments within Business, Consumer Services and Housing, Transportation, Natural Resources, Health and Human Services, Food and Agriculture, and Environmental Protection, with the Governor's Office of Planning and Research to coordinate activities that support sustainable communities emphasizing strong economies, social equity and environmental stewardship. For more information about the SGC, please visit the About Us page.


You are invited to participate in the Strategic Growth Council’s (SGC) Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities (AHSC) 2016-17 Draft Guidelines Workshops to provide input and ask questions regarding the recently released draft guidelines for round 3 of the AHSC Program.  Broken into two segments, the first half will consist of a presentation that overviews the significant changes made in the draft guidelines, the second half will consist of a Q&A panel, where attendees will have an opportunity to ask AHSC Staff questions regarding the new draft guidelines.

SGC looks forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions during these sessions, held in Sacramento, San Jose, and Los Angeles this April. Please register for the workshops using the links below. We request that you limit registrations to no more than two people per organization in order to allow representatives from other entities to attend. For those who cannot attend, the Sacramento workshop will be webcast and posted onto the SGC Website. SGC is also accepting written comments on the new draft guidelines until April 14th. Please send all comments to If you have any questions, please email To request translation services, please contact us by March 31st.

Workshop Notice
To register for a workshop click the links below.

o   Sacramento
o   Webcast of Sacramento Workshop
o   San Jose
  Los Angeles


Marlon Boarnet (University of Southern California) and Susan Handy (UC Davis) have finalized a paper that identifies potential policies and strategies the State can consider to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and help reach California’s ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.  This work was funded with a grant from the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, with support from the Strategic Growth Council.  The paper also provides an initial framework for how VMT-reduction strategies can be quantified and further developed.  The paper can be found here.


The Strategic Growth Council is accepting public comments on the draft fiscal year (FY) 2016-17 Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program Guidelines until April 14, 2017 via email at This draft is subject to change pending stakeholder comments. The final AHSC 2016-17 Program Guidelines and accompanying GHG quantification methodology are expected to be considered for adoption at the June 1st 2017 Strategic Growth Council meeting. Major policy changes in the document are noted in red.

AHSC 16-17 Guidelines Draft Revisions Memo
AHSC 16-17 Guidelines Draft Summary of Changes
AHSC 16-17 Program Guidelines Public Draft

The Air Resources Board is also accepting comments on the AHSC GHG Quantification Methodology for FY 16-17. Information can be found on the ARB website below:

AHSC 16-17 GHG Quantification Methodology


The Strategic Growth Council(SGC) is proud to present our Revised Draft Scoping Guidelines for the Transformative Climate Communities Program. This document is a revised version of the Draft Scoping Guidelines that were released by the SGC in November 2016. This new draft scoping document does not represent the full Draft Guidelines for the Program. 

Revisions were made to provide greater clarity on the SGC’s vision for the Program and to reflect public comments received on the initial document. This February 2017 release presents a revised framework that includes updated objectives, redefined goals, strategies, and requirements applicants must meet. Key terms have been defined and updates have been made to the proposed application process.  SGC recognizes that many areas presented in the document require additional work and discussion, and we look forward to public input to help inform further development.    

SGC is hosting public workshops on this document in the cities of Fresno, Los Angeles and San Bernardino and will also accept additional public comments until March 13, 2017. SGC plans to release the full Guidelines for the Program in late April of 2017.

Revised Draft Scoping Guidelines: Transfomative Climate Communities


Sustainable AG Land Conservation Program Draft Guidelines Now Available for Public Comment.

In anticipation of the release of cap-and-trade auction revenues allocated to protect California’s farmland and reduce greenhouse gases, The Strategic Growth Council (SGC) is pleased to announce the public comment period on the DRAFT 2016-17 Guidelines for the Sustainable Agricultural Land Conservation Program (SALC) Program.

SALC DRAFT Guidelines

There are many ways for the public to learn more and provide comments on the DRAFT Guidelines.
Click here for comment options.

Comments will be accepted until 5pm on March 17, 2017


Photo of a group think Workshop Links to the document

The Strategic Growth Council is pleased to invite you to the Transformative Climate Communities Stakeholder Summit on February 10, 2017 from 9:30 am – 4:30pm at the California Health and Human Services Agency East End Complex in Sacramento. This event is free and open to the public, but registration is required by February 3, 2017.For details and registration information click here.

TCC Summit Agenda
TCC Summit Social Media Toolkit | Speaker Bios

Additionally, TCC Program Guidelines Workshops will be held in Fresno, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino. Please review the below workshop flyers for further details.

Workshop Presentation
Workshop Agenda-Fresno | Workshop Agenda-Los Angeles
TCC Workshop Flyer (English) | TCC Workshop Flyer (Spanish)


The new deadline for proposals for the SCPGIP Best Practices Pilot has been extended to February 9th.

An application information webinar for the program will be held on January 12th from 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM.

To watch the recording of the webinar click here.
SCPGIP Best Practices Application Information Session Slides

The webinar will provide applicants with an overview of the purpose and objectives of the program, application components, as well as ample time for questions. Webinar materials will be posted shortly.

If you have questions or concerns please send them to

Published: Updated: January 12, 2017

Photo of the cover lessons learned notice

You are invited to participate in the Strategic Growth Council’s (SGC) Lessons Learned Workshops to reflect on the 2016 round of the Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program.

During the workshops, AHSC Program staff will facilitate roundtable discussions on a variety of aspects of the program, including the guidelines and application process, with the aim of gathering input to improve the program in future rounds. SGC looks forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions during these sessions, which will be held in Merced, Oakland and Long Beach this December.

Please register for the workshops click on the image to view the workshop notice in detail, or click here.


The Strategic Growth Council is pleased to invite your review of proposed regulations, the first phase in implementing Assembly Bill 2722 (Burke, 2016). AB 2722 created the Transformative Climate Community Program (Program) to be administered by the Council. This proposed action is the first of several to implement the Program. Specifically, this action specifies a portion of total program funds for applications from specific geographic locations. The Council will establish program guidelines and selection criteria in a future rulemaking.

The Proposed Regulation and Initial Statement of Reasons are available on the Transformative Climate Communities Program page. Please submit all comments by November 7, 2016, to The Council will conduct a public hearing on the proposal on November 7, 2016, in the City of Fresno. Details on the hearing are included in the Notice of Proposed Action, which is available at:


Photo of the cover of the Vibrant Communities and Landscapes document. Links to the document

The SGC in collaboration with the following agencies: Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency, California Natural Resources Agency, California State Transportation Agency, California Health and Human Services Agency, California Department of Food and Agriculture, and the Governor's Office of Planning and Research are proud to release a draft vision document, "Vibrant Communties and Landscpes," aims to help CA meet its climate change goals.

The documents below are currently open for public comment through 5:00 pm on September 28, 2016. Written comments can be submitted here: - see "Submit Comments" link on the right side of the page.


PRESS RELEASE-August 9, 2016
SALC Program Preserves Ag Land for Climate Benefits

In Its Second Year, Cap-and-Trade Funded SALC Program Commits $37.4 Million to Shield Agricultural Land from Development


Top Story 1 Image
SGC Council Meeting will be held on August 9, 2016
1001 I Street | Sacramento, CA 95812 | Sierra Hearing Room | 1-4pm


2016 SGC Annual Report
Strategic Growth Council Staff are pleased to share the 2016 Annual Report to the Legislature with stakeholders.  The report shares important updates for our grant programs and initiatives.  If you have any questions please contact Strategic Growth Council Staff at


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SGC June 28th Council Meeting has been Cancelled
The June 28 Council meeting has been cancelled due to ongoing budget conversations at the Capitol.  The next Council meeting will be held, August 9th.


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SGC Council Meeting will be held on April 11, 2016
1001 I Street | Sacramento, CA 95812 | Byron Sher Auditorium | 1-4pm


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SGC and HCD announce the FY 2015-16 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) and Application for the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program.


A copy of the NOFA is available at Application access is available through the Financial Application Assistance Statewide Tool (FAAST): (search for 2015-16 Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program.)

Concept proposals are due via the FAAST system by 5:00 pm, Wednesday, March 16!

Top Story 3 Image
2015-2016 AHSC and SALC Final Program Guidelines have been posted.


The Final 2015-16 Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities Program Guidelines, including final GHG Quantification Methodology, can be found here.

The FY 2015-16 SALC Program, grant application forms, and supporting material have been posted. Please click here for all the materials.

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Thumbnail image of the Regional Conservation Assessments map depicting California.
Regional Conservation Assessments in California

SGC has released the Review of California Conservation Lands data platform to inform conservation and development planning decisions. The platform integrates 121 regional conservation assessments, which describe and map selected, science-based conservation values, providing valuable information for regional planning efforts and the implementation of statewide planning goals. Click the map to access the data visualizer.

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