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Transformative Climate Communities

With the Transformative Climate Communities Program, the State of California is proposing to invest $140 million of cap and trade money next year in three communities – likely $70 million in Fresno, $35 million in Los Angeles, and $35 million in a third location. This is a significant commitment, but, by itself not enough to fully transform communities.

Over the next few months, the Strategic Growth Council will be engaging in a dialogue about how to leverage these investments, in combination with public agencies, community groups, foundations, businesses, financial institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and all interested parties to be truly transformative.

We would like to hear from you. For example, how do we best use the funding in conjunction with other investments and actions to make a difference? How do we best engage community groups, businesses, the faith community, entrepreneurs, technology and other sectors toward common goals? Are there creative financing strategies that can be unleashed? What is the role for cohort peer-to-peer learning networks for local communities? Can we preserve prime agriculture in combination with reinvigorated downtowns? What foundation action would be the most helpful to support these efforts? How do we ensure transit and connectivity options that serve disadvantaged communities? How do we develop sustainable job training and employment options, and what are the roles of universities and colleges in local community efforts?

We want to use this State investment as a catalyst for a larger discussion and a much larger overall investment in our communities. That requires your input and engagement.

Program Guideines Workshops

The Strategic Growth Council (SGC) invites you to join us for a series of public workshops that will help inform the development of our new Transformative Climate Communities program. Workshops will be held in Fresno, Los Angeles and San Bernadino. Workshop participants will gain a better understanding of our proposed program guidelines and have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

Workshop Presentation
Workshop Agenda-Fresno | Workshop Agenda-Los Angeles
TCC Workshop Flyer (English) | TCC Workshop Flyer (Spanish)

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