Climate Change Research Exploring strategies to protect vulnerable communities and landscapes

In 2017, the Legislature passed Assembly Bill (AB) 109, which created a climate change research program within the Strategic Growth Council (SGC). The legislation allocates $11 million in Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund revenues to the SGC to develop a research program to support “research on reducing carbon emissions, including clean energy, adaptation, and resiliency, with an emphasis on California.”

This Program is an opportunity to advance the SGC’s vision to support healthy, vibrant, and resilient communities. It is designed to leverage SGC’s role as an interagency body to focus on cross-cutting research investments that build community resilience, integrate land use and development considerations, and facilitate the transformation of California communities. The Program will demonstrate how the State’s investment can build an innovative, outcome-driven partnership between the State and the research community that will directly support achieving California’s climate change goals.