Statewide Gap Analysis of Tribal Lands:
Clean Energy, Climate Planning, and Climate Adaptation and Resilience

California Tribe’s Input Needed on Clean Energy and Climate Change Gaps

SGC and CEC have released a Statewide Gap Analysis to provide the State with a snapshot of Tribes’ current renewable energy, climate change, and other relevant and related needs and priorities. The State of California invites Tribal perspectives to help inform future State clean energy and climate change programs. We encourage all California Native American Tribes to visit to learn more and sign up to participate in the Tribal questionnaire.

The goals of the Gap Analysis are to:

  • Improve understanding and knowledge of needs related to tribal access to energy efficiency, clean energy generation, clean transportation, alternative fuel infrastructure, and energy resiliency.
  • Improve understanding of past or ongoing tribal efforts and needs around climate change impacts to tribal communities, including any efforts around adaptation and building resilience in tribal communities.
  • Improve State understanding of tribal environmental programs, including climate-related data collection, tribal research efforts, and which universities, other research institutions, and local and regional governments have collaborative relationships with Tribes.
  • Use the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research’s Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program (ICARP) Adaptation Clearinghouse and other communication tools to share recommendations, strategies, implementation guidelines, and best practices among State agencies and Tribes.
  • Identify Tribes with interest in and capacity to organize regional tribal events on the above topics.
  • Improve the State of California’s understanding of the underlying issues related to tribal efforts on all the topics listed in the bullets above, as well as tribal access to climate-related State funding opportunities.