Announcement SGC seeking technical reviewers for the California Agricultural Land Equity Task Force


December 20, 2022

Announced in the California Budget Act of 2022 (AB-179), the California Agricultural Land Equity Task Force (Task Force) will develop recommendations to equitably increase access to agricultural land for food production and traditional tribal agricultural uses. The Task Force will meet quarterly over a three-year period and deliver a full report of recommendations at the end of the three years.
SGC is seeking three individuals to serve as part of a technical review panel to support the nomination review process for Task Force members. The technical review panel will consist of members of the public who have expertise working with socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers and issues relating to land equity. The technical review panel will serve in an advisory capacity to the state review committee, which retains final decision-making authority.

Individuals can apply to be a reviewer by completing the application form.

Task Force nominees, including partnering organizations or individuals affiliated with nominees, may not participate in the external technical review process. Technical review panel members will be required to submit a Form 700 Statement of Economic Interest.

Applications for the Task Force technical review panel will be accepted until January 10, 2023. Successful applicants will be notified by Friday, January 13.

The nomination review period will begin on or around January 16, 2023, and continue for two weeks. The total time commitment for each member of the technical review panel is anticipated to be no more than 8 hours.
This is a volunteer position. There are no payments available for technical review panel members.

For more information on the California Agricultural Land Equity Task Force, please visit the Strategic Growth Council website or contact

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