Announcement Community Resilience Center Grant Program Releases Pre-Application Materials for Round 1


In anticipation of announcing Round 1 funding availability and calling for grant applications later this Spring, the staff of the new Community Resilience Centers (CRC) grant program has released several resources to aid prospective applicants in preparing for this upcoming funding opportunity. These resources include the CRC Grant Type Guide, an Intent to Apply Survey, and the final guidelines for Round 1 of funding. The CRC grant program staff are thankful everyone who offered feedback on the draft guidelines. Your input helped our staff develop comprehensive final guidelines that better address community needs.

Grant Type Guide

To help applicants identify which CRC grant type would be the best fit for them and their community, staff have developed a CRC Grant Type Guide summarizing award amounts, funding activities, and eligibility requirements for each of the three CRC grants types.

Intent to Apply Survey

In addition to the CRC Grant Type Guide, SGC staff have also released an Intent to Apply Survey. This 10-minute survey will help CRC Program Staff design tailored outreach, plan staffing and support, and prepare technical assistance providers to better support applicants. Applicants will not be held to any information provided in the Intent to Apply survey – Survey responses will not be scored and responses will not impact pre-proposals, applications, or awards. We invite those who are interested in applying for a CRC grant in Round 1 to complete this brief survey. The survey will remain open to collect responses throughout the upcoming application period.

Program Timeline

The CRC Round 1 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) will be released in late Spring 2023, with an estimated $98.6 million available for CRC Planning, Project Development, and Implementation Grants in Round 1. To support applicants in developing competitive proposals, we will offer application technical assistance (TA) from third-party providers to eligible applicants for all CRC grant types.

Round 1 Final Guidelines

The California Strategic Growth Council has adopted the Community Resilience Centers program’s Round 1 Final Guidelines after substantial public input. CRC program staff modified the draft guidelines based on 750 comments received during the public comment period. Thank you to all who participated in this process. Your input is valuable and led to the development of a more comprehensive version of the final guidelines that addresses various community needs. You can learn about these changes by referencing the following materials:

Learn more about the CRC grant program on the CRC program webpage. Please email the CRC team at if you have any questions. Sign up for the CRC program email list to receive updates about the CRC program, including workshops, technical assistance, application materials, and the forthcoming Notice of Funding Availability.