Climate Change Research Program

How does the SGC’s Research Program address climate change science needs while supporting communities?

Research to Action

The Research Program invests in science that advances the State’s climate goals, engages stakeholders and communities, and fills important research gaps.

Topics funded through three rounds of Climate Change Research funding: 7.57 million dollars Land Use, Housing, and Transportation, 4 million dollars data tools and planning, 6.28 million dollars equitable energy transitions 14.6 million dollars natural working lands

The research projects funded by SGC will provide tools and resources to build resilience in vulnerable communities and ecosystems, advance climate adaptation solutions, and support the development of low-greenhouse gas and clean energy technologies.

Meaningful Engagement

The Research Program emphasizes meaningful engagement, integrating the insights and perspectives of diverse community and stakeholder voices into each step of the research process.

Developed through a stakeholder-driven process, the program’s Research Investment Plan guides the development and implementation of its investments. The Council regularly updates this plan with stakeholders to ensure that future investments will address changing policy and community needs.

Stakeholders Landowners, farmers,ranchers, and homeowners Federal, regional, local,and special jurisdictions Non-governmental organizations California tribes Commercial partners

Supporting California-Based Research

Education Partners Eligible Applicants University of California California State University Federally funded National Laboratories (in California) Private colleges and universities Non-profit research institutions

SGC supports research across California-based research institutions, building capacity in the State to address urgent climate challenges and fostering meaningful partnerships between research institutions, communities, and policymakers.

Leveraging Agency Partners

The Research Program leverages interagency partners to compliment research funded by other parts of the State. SGC’s research investment decisions are guided by an interagency Steering Committee, technical experts, and an interagency policy-level review.