Community Assistance for Climate Equity Program Preparing communities for success

About CACE

SGC’s Community Assistance for Climate Equity Program (CACE) provides technical assistance and capacity building services to help under-resourced communities access critical funding resources, implement high-impact projects, and enact community-led initiatives.

Our Programs

Community Assistance for Climate Equity (CACE) is a suite of capacity building and technical assistance programs that serve underinvested communities at the frontlines of the climate crisis. CACE programs promote cross-sectoral partnerships, coordination, community leadership, and peer exchanges so that underinvested communities can access funding for climate action. The CACE team also authored the Technical Assistance Guidelines, which offers guidance and best practices to support agencies in evaluating options, making key decisions, and avoiding pitfalls as they develop effective TA programs.

Technical Assistance Toolkit
The Technical Assistance Toolkit has been developed to support California state agencies and other public and private funders in developing technical assistance programs that make a meaningful difference in under-resourced communities.
Evaluation and other Resources
Find additional materials related to the Community Assistance for Climate Program here, including Evaluations of SGC's Technical Assistance Programs.