SGC Model Hub Tested policy models for equitable outcomes in under-resourced communities

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SGC Catalyst Models Exportable Policy Models for Equitable Transformation

What is a model?

Develop community priorities, accelerate readiness, and center communities in project planning and implementation using SGC’s three policy models below. Each model includes key program elements and relevant guideline language, case studies, and other resources to catalyze equitable outcomes as part of public and private investment.

Using the models

SGC’s models are intended for government decision makers and program administrators at the state, local, and federal level seeking to advance climate equity in direct investment programs and policies. Models may be used to strengthen existing programs or serve as a blueprint for new funding programs.

Catalyst Models in Action

The Need

Because under-resourced communities continue to face systemic racism, disinvestment, and environmental health injustices, it is incumbent upon government and other funders to target resources and build readiness, address barriers to access, and support community voice and power to ensure equity of current and future investment.

SGC’s Model Hub provides tested policy models, case studies, and exportable templates to support program administrators and funders in addressing disparities and catalyzing equitable investment in under-resourced communities.

While there is no perfect policy model, SGC’s 2023 policy models provide tested programmatic approaches catalyzing readiness and equitable project implementation in under-resourced communities across California today.

What's at Stake
The Challenge and Opportunity of Once-In-A-Generation Investment

$600 Billion- State & Federal Climate Infrastructure Investment
63 Programs – State & Federal Programs (Justice40 & California Climate Investments)
30% Disadvantaged Communities in California