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Fighting Climate Change

Personal vehicle use is the most significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in California, making reducing the State’s dependence on cars crucial to reaching our climate goals

Through a suite of investment programs and initiatives, the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) supports community design that makes it easier for Californians to walk, bike and use transit

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$1.5 billion invested through its grant programs.
SGC programs have reduced 3.1 million tonnes of CO2E equivalent to 650,000 fewer cars on the road.

By supporting the development of climate-smart communities and advancing research to enhance the State’s climate work, the SGC is blazing the path towards a cleaner and greener California

Promoting Health and Equity

As we progress towards a healthier and more sustainable California, the most impacted communities must be central to this transformation

$896 million invested to benefit disadvantaged communities.

The SGC invests over half of our grants to benefit low-income and disadvantaged communities and we provide technical assistance to increase access to needed resources

Provided over 9,400 affordable homes for families in need.

In order to maximize the benefits of our investments, we help strengthen capacity at all levels of government to support community-led projects that address local needs

Conserving Natural and Working Lands

Stewarding agricultural lands and the State’s invaluable natural resources is not only central to maintaining our economic vitality, it is also key to meeting our climate goals

62 easement projects totaling 90,700 acres to be conserved.

By protecting agricultural lands and integrating conservation into urban planning practices, we can help keep cities compact and transit-rich while preserving the integrity of our natural and working lands

Assisting Local and Regional Governments

While the most impactful land use decisions are made locally, many local and regional governments lack the resources and capacity they need to engage in sustainable long-range planning

More than $80 million invested in sustainable planning through our Prop 84 grant programs.

We invest in land-use planning related to climate and land management and work with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research to help build capacity among local and regional governments